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Organisational Structure

Operational Structure

NAPTIP is one of the agencies under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Justice. The Act establishes a part time Governing Board which consist of-

  1. A Board Chairman who shall be a person with knowledge and experience in matters related to counter-trafficking in persons.
  2. Two representatives of Civil Society Organizations involved in matters relating to trafficking in persons.
  3. A representative from each of the following Institutions or Agencies who shall be within the Directorate cadre-
  4. Federal Ministry of Justice
  5. Federal Ministry of Women Affairs
  6. Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity
  7. Nigeria Police Force
  8. National Intelligence Agency
  9. Nigeria Immigration Service
  10. National Planning Commission
  11. The Director-General, who is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Accounting Officer of the Agency shall be the Secretary to the Board

The Agency performs its functions through 8 Specialized Departments, 3 Units and has Zonal Commands covering the geo-political zones of the country.


  1. Investigation and Monitoring.
  2. Legal and Prosecution.
  3. Counseling & Rehabilitation.
  4. Public Enlightenment.
  5. Research and Programmes Development
  6. Training and Manpower Development.
  7. Administration.
  8. Finance and Accounts.


  1. Press and Public Relations.
  2. Intelligence and International Cooperation.
  3. Audit.

At present there are 8 Zonal Commands located in Lagos, Benin, Enugu, Uyo, Sokoto, Kano, Maiduguri, and Makurdi. The Agency also has a liaison office in Port-Harcourt.
The Headquarters in Abuja and All the Zonal Commands have transit shelters which were created to cater to the physical and psychological well-being of victims of trafficking.

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