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Victims Information Pack

What is NAPTIP?
NAPTIP is the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons. It was created in 2003 to prevent human trafficking, investigate and prosecute human traffickers and protect all victims of the crime.
What is human Trafficking?
When any one deceives you by making a promise to give you a job or admission or anything of that sort and then transports you to another place or abroad and makes money from your work, he is said to have trafficked you.
How do you know that you have been trafficked?

  • If you were deceived. For example, you were promised a job in the city or in a foreign country but on arrival it turned out to be a lie
  • If you were kidnapped, abducted or forced and moved from one place to another to be exploited
  • If you were taken to a shrine to swear an oath of secrecy and allegiance to somebody and made to work and pay certain expenses
  • Once at the destination, you were controlled in many ways, like your passport seized, not permitted to freely call your parents or loved ones, intimidated, beaten, raped, stripped naked etc
  • If you were not allowed to move freely or were escorted to work and back
  • If someone else took away the payments for your work

Can you be punished as a victim of trafficking?
You are not considered a criminal. You are protected from prosecution with regards to the things that a trafficker forced you to do.
Protections available for you

  • Your trafficker can be identified, arrested and prosecuted
  • You will be protected from your traffickers
  • You will be provided with temporary shelter, food, medical help and other necessities
  • The proceeds of your work can be seized from persons who deceived and exploited you and returned to you
  • You can be assisted to reunite with your family
  • If traffickers harm or threaten you or your families and friends, you can make a report and they will be arrested and prosecuted
  • You can be assisted to voluntarily return to your country of origin

Opportunities to start a business

  • You can be assisted to begin a business
  • You can be assisted to access business capital at low or zero interest
  • You can be assisted to receive training in a vocation of your choice

Opportunities to restart or continue your education

  • If you are of school age, you can be assisted to restart or continue your education

Opportunity to sue the person who trafficked you

  • You can be assisted to make a civil case against the person who trafficked you or benefitted from the proceeds of your work
  • If you are successful, the money and assets made by the trafficker as a result of your exploitation can be seized and given back to you
  • You can claim many other damages and compensation

Do you know anybody who has gone/is going through similar experience?

  • If you know about any of your friends who went through the same experience as you, you can provide information that can lead to their rescue

How to contact NAPTIP

You can contact NAPTIP to offer information in confidence or discuss any of the above mentioned issues.

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