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The National Agency For The Prohibition of Traffic in Person and Other Related Matters, (NAPTIP) has finalized arrangements with Wale Adenuga Productions to broad cast a T.V drama showcasing the issues of Human Trafficking, Child abuses, Child Labour and other related issues on the platform of Superstory, a popular Television Drama series on major network in the country.

Six operatives of The National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) have completed training from Dutch experts in forensic and digital evidencing this week in Abuja. Speaking in a meeting with the Executive Secretary, the Dutch expert Mr. Dashley K Rouwendal said the initiative is to build capacity of NAPTIP officers to handle security, digital evidencing and help develop infrastructure for future NAPTIP forensic lab which will enable the officers utilize the experience acquired in the field.

The Dutch further started, it will helps in arresting more suspects, facilitate investigation through a more secured intelligence that will produce watertight evidence to aid prosecution.