The Administration Department is responsible for the followings:

  • General writing of memos and circulars
  • Servicing of management meetings, expanded meetings such as Senior Staff committee and Board meetings
  • To ensure compliance with Public Service Rule service and Scheme of Service
  • coordinate both Junior and Senior staff promotion Examination
  • Ensure proper recruitment and staff placement to different department to enhance the fight against Human Trafficking
  • To ensure that staff welfare and others are given the desired attention promptly
  • The maintenance of office buildings and properties
  • To act as secretariat to meetings and properly service meetings
  • Preparation of manpower budget
  • Update Staff Nominal Roll
  • The registry ensures proper custody and documentation of Staff Records
  • The store provides stationaries
  • Inspection of vehicles at the Headquarters and Zones
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Responsible for discipline
  • Administration of oath of secrecy by Admin Dept. to all staff at the Headquartersand zones
  • Inspection of both human and material resources in Headquarters and zones
  • Continuous update of the staff Nominal Roll and Pension Nominal Roll
  • Liaise with Pension CommissionPENCOM for proper remittance of Pension Contributions, enrollment of new staff and remittance of gratuity and death benefits
  • Liaise with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to enroll staff to enjoy the insurance scheme
  • Analysis of reports from Regional Directorates, Zonal Commands, State Commands & Liaison Offices
  • Redeploment of staff to various Zones for effective and efficient performance
  • The maintenance unit, inspect & investigate maintenance problems and take action to address them, collaborates with workers and other professional during renovations

The Admin Dept has the following Units

  • General Admin
  • Registry & Records
  • Maintenance
  • Transport
  • Store
  • Provost

The Agency has 11 Departments and 8 Units.

  • Legal & Prosecution Department
  • Training & Manpower Dev. Department
  • Research & Programme Development
  • Public Enlightenment Department
  • Special Duties – Office of the Director General
  • Administration Department
  • Counselling & Rehabilitation Department
  • Violence against Persons Prohibition Department (VAPP)
  • Investigation Department
  • Information communication Technology Department
  • Finance & Accounts Department
  • Operations Department

Operations, VAPP and ICT Departments were created in June 2021

The 8 Units

  • Language unit
  • Reforms unit
  • Intelligence & international cooperation unit
  • Procurement unit
  • Audit unit
  • Press & public Relation unit
  • Provost unit
  • Rapid Response Squad

Regional Directorates

The Agency has Six (6) Regional Directorates, namely South South, South West, North East, North West, North Central and South East headed by Regional Directors and their Assistants Regional Directors who were redeployed to different locations within their geopolitical zone for effective performance and proper coordination.

The Agency has Six (6) Regional Directorates, Headed by a Regional Director with an Assistant

The Regions are as follows:

1 South South
2 South West
3 North East
4 North West
5 North Central


South East


The Agency has Nine (9) Zonal Commands

 The commands are as follows:

S/N Zonal Command
1 Kano Zonal Command
2 Osogbo Zonal Command
3 Benin Zonal Command
4 Makurdi Zonal Command
5 Lagos Zonal Command
6 Uyo Zonal Command
7 Sokoto Zonal Command
8 Maiduguri Zonal Command
9 Enugu Zonal Command


Four (4) State Commands

S/N State Command
1 Anambra State Command
2 Cross Rivers State Command
3 Imo State Command
4 Bayelsa State Command

Twelve (12) Liaison Offices

1 Ekiti Liaison Office Operational
2 Yobe Liaison Office Operational
3 Katsina Liaison Office Operational
4 Gombe Liaison Office Operational
5 Port Harcourt Liaison Office Operational
6 Ebonyi Liaison Office Operational
7 Kaduna Liaison Office Operational
8 Adamawa Liaison Office Operational
9 Abia Liaison Office – newly created Operational
10 Oyo Liaison Office – newly created Operational


Plateau State Liaison Office – Operational
12 Nasarawa State Liaison office – Operational

Contact Person:

Name: Benedicta Ojugbana (Mrs.)

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