A Shining Legacy: NAPTIP @ 20 – Celebrating Partners and Honouring Excellence

DG’s Remark during the Award Ceremony

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to this momentous occasion to commemorate NAPTIP @ 20 with the theme “A Shining Legacy: NAPTIP @ 20–Celebrating Partners and Honoring Excellence”.

Today is a very special day not just for NAPTIP and Nigeria but for everyone invested in ensuring human trafficking is controlled and victims are secured across the world. So, we are very grateful to you for taking the time to join us to celebrate you. You represent the diverse sectors of our society, and your presence today symbolizes a shared commitment towards creating a world free from the darkness of human trafficking.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been 20 years of growth, for NAPTIP in an ever-changing world. Our journey has been one of immense determination, resilience, and hope. In 20 years, we have seen the crime of human trafficking evolve in terms of the enormity, trends and patterns. However, in the face of such adversity, we have found strength in collaboration and our collective spirit and determination has brought us this far.

We have witnessed the incredible power of cooperation and the unwavering dedication of countless individuals who have come together to combat the injustice of human trafficking. Today we pay tribute to each and every person and we celebrate the numerous lives that have been transformed, the futures that have been rewritten, and the hope that has been restored. And on behalf of the Management and Officers of NAPTIP; I express our gratitude to you all for the part you have played in our success.

I would like to extent my heartfelt gratitude to all the ones who came before me, my predecessors who dared to imagine a better world and had the vision, and courage to pioneer some initiatives that have been built upon over the years which has positioned NAPTIP where it is today. I salute you all.

The endeavor of our implementing partners, the donor community, members of the diplomatic corp, civil society organizations, the academia, our sister law enforcement agencies, the Media, all stakeholders and supporters, thank you for the many lives your actions have help support and sustain. It is a testament to the power of collective action, reminding us that when we stand together, united in our purpose and driven by a common passion, there is no challenge too great to overcome. May life be kind to you, always.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, since 2003, NAPTIP has progressed from its very first command in Benin -Edo State to offices in 32 states and task force against human trafficking in 22 states. We have made progress in our criminal justice response with a significant increase in convictions (624 Convictions since the first conviction was secured in 2004; 80 convictions in 2022 the highest in a single year since the inception of NAPTIP and 48 convictions and counting in 2023) including for the first time the conviction of a law enforcement officer for human trafficking offences; prosecution of several mutual legal assistance cases and on the 8th of March 2023, the extradition of a high profile human trafficker to Italy to serve out her 13 years jail term.

Our recent strategic partnership with Meta (owners of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and the United States National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children have further enhanced the capacity of NAPTIP to tackle issues of online child exploitation.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Nigeria is better poised to control and tackle human trafficking because of the collaborative efforts of everyone. Last year, with support from our supervising Ministry, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, not one but three policy documents targeted at revolutionizing the fight against human trafficking in Nigeria, including the National Action Plan on Human Trafficking (2022–2026); were approved by the Federal Executive Council.

And today we will present more policy documents and innovations and they include; NAPTIP Disability Inclusion Policy, NAPTIP Service Charter, policy documents that have been transcribed into braille for the blind in collaboration with the disability commission. There will also be a brief demonstration of our remodeled app called the Ireporter, and NAPTIP Learning Management System supported by the Canadian Government and lastly Audio-Visual Materials developed for use by the Blind and Deaf.

To keep things current, for anyone who has noticed, we have rebranded our logo, which has already been mainstreamed. The rebranded logo represents a re-commitment from NAPTIP to protect all persons against human trafficking, and violence against persons through a people-centered access to justice, and the provision of safe spaces.

As I conclude, let me especially acknowledge our amazing partners that supported the week long NAPTIP @20 Celebration and the 2023 world day against trafficking in persons; Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, ICMPD, UNODC, Attorney-General Alliance for Africa, Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission, Expertise France, Arik Air Limited, UNICEF & FIIAP. Thank you all for your consistent support to NAPTIP.

Let me also especially thank the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Dr. Nasir Sani Gwarzo mni, NPOM, for being exemplary in public service. Perm Sec sir, thank you for the consistent support and guidance to NAPTIP not just for this celebratory week but in other areas of our work as an agency. Thank you for always being generous with your time.

Finally, to all NAPTIP Officers, it is truly an honor and privilege to serve as your Director General. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for all the hard work. Together, we will continue to carry out our mandate through transparency and accountability. I take pride in saying that NAPTIP has some of the finest and extraordinary human beings who have worked against all the odds that occurred in these 20 years to make what seemed impossible possible.

With the level of disturbing trends, we see across the country, there is the sense of exhaustion and that bait to just throw in the towel and cut our losses. Well, not on our watch! because our watch is defined by us not giving up and by working tirelessly to ensure a safer and better society.

And as we embark upon the next chapter of our journey, let us not forget that there is still much work to be done. Despite our progress, human trafficking remains an ongoing threat and we hope to continue working with all our partners and stakeholders to design creative solutions for ways to better understand and tackle human trafficking. Together, let us ignite a movement that brings forth lasting change and puts an end to the unimaginable suffering inflicted upon vulnerable individuals.

Thank you, God bless you all.

Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, Ph.D.
Director-General, NAPTIP

NAPTIP AT 20: Commemorating Two Decades in the Fight Against Human Trafficking: Federal Government Reiterates Commitment to Eradicate Human Trafficking in Nigeria

The Month of July is a significant month in the history of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) and the global fight against human trafficking. July 14th, 2023 marked 20 years since NAPTIP was established, whilst 30th July is the annual World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. To commemorate these significant events, NAPTIP, in collaboration with its partners, hosted several events starting with a world press conference.

On Tuesday 18th July, 2023, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development and NAPTIP (FMHADMSD) and NAPTIP reaffirmed its unwavering determination to combat the pervasive issue of human trafficking in the country. The press conference was organized by FMHADMSD and NAPTIP and attracted 53 press men and women from local and international media, and 90 delegates from the public and civil service and international partners. The conference, which was livestreamed, reached an estimated audience of 1 million Nigerians across different traditional and digital media platforms.

The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, Dr. Nasir Sani-Gwarzo mni, NPOM who was represented by A.A. Grema, Director Humanitarian Affairs highlighted the significant challenges Nigeria faced before the creation of NAPTIP and on behalf of the Government of Nigeria, applauded the agency’s commendable achievements over the past two decades in tackling human trafficking.

Professor Fatima Waziri-Azi, the Director-General of NAPTIP, expressed her appreciation for the collaborative efforts that have propelled the agency’s progress. She highlighted the fact that human trafficking remains one of the most serious human rights violations and the world’s second most profitable criminal enterprise. Human trafficking happens in plain sight. It is far more prevalent, complex and close to home than most of us realize and that we all need to pay attention. Professor Fatima Waziri-Azi further described the enormity of the gobal problem of human trafficking by referencing the 2023 Global Slavery Index which opined that globally, it is estimated that 50 million people were living in modern slavery on any day in 2021, an increase of 10 million people since 2016.

She however highlighted that Nigeria is better poised to control and tackled human trafficking due to the collaborative efforts of everyone. The public is better informed about issues of human trafficking, and this is due to our amplified visibility. Nigerians have become their brother’s keeper, looking out for one another and this has increased reportage of issues of human trafficking and violence against persons.

Professor Fatima Waziri-Azi shared the agency’s planned for its 20th anniversary celebration and the 2023 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and urged everyone to seize the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to protect the rights of victims, control human trafficking, and build a safer, just and inclusive society.

From Pain to Pottery: Empowering Survivors Through Artful Stories
…healing and resilience of survivors in their unique artistic expression

In a world of victims of human trafficking often overshadowed by pain and suffering, a remarkable event was organized to shed light on the indomitable spirit of survivors; themed “From Pain to Pottery: Empowering Survivors through Artful Stories”. The event marked the 6th edition of the Survivor Co-Mentoring Series (SCS) and played a significant role in commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

The event was kick-started by a 5-day preparatory session which explored various creative expressions, including poetry, writing, dance, self-defense, and pottery for survivors. These sessions not only acted as therapy for their emotional trauma but also allowed survivors creatively express their trauma through art, particularly on pottery pieces.

The climax of the series was a two-day summit which held on the 24th and 25th July 2023 and supported by UNODC and AGA-Africa. The summit was attended by 217 participants, including 110 survivors from five different shelters; National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), omen Trafficking and Child Lsbour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF), Daughters of Abraham Foundation (DOAF), Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT), and the Federal Capital; Territory (FCT) Social Development Secretariat. The summit featured storytelling, survivor-led panel discussion. The event also featured medical and psychological clinic sessions facilitated by Auxano Foundation for Empowerment and Development.

Throughout the event, the message of unity and support resonated profoundly. Prof. Fatima Waziri – Azi, the Director General, delivered a heartfelt remark, reminding the survivors that they were not alone in their struggles and that the Agency would always stand with them and by them.

Representing the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, Abimbola Adewumi in a goodwill message expressed gratitude to everyone present for their unwavering support and commitment to the cause, she acknowledges the survivor’s courage in sharing their stories, recognizing the immune strength it takes to step forward and break the silence that often surrounds such harrowing experiences.

Also speaking at the opening ceremony was Dr. Ukpong Blessing, leading the Auxano Foundation Medical Clinic conveyed the presence of a dedicated medical team and mental health therapists, ready to provide one-on-one consultations throughout the two-day summit. She explained how these consultations were designed to address both the physical and emotional aspects of their experiences, offering a holistic approach to healing and resilience, reminding the survivors that their physical and emotional well-being mattered deeply.

The event featured two engaging panels about resilience moderated by survivors. Also, the importance of human rights and the fight against human trafficking took center stage in a participatory and engaging session led by Esther Balami from the UNHCR.

Day 2 featured a transformative medical panel discussion which focused on “Integrating Self-Care and Protecting Physical & Mental Health: Holistic Approaches to Healing and Resilience” Led was moderated by a team of healers from the Auxano Foundation. The panel touched on essential topics, from addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to providing care and advice for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). This nurturing session created a space for healing, equipping the survivors with the right information to embark on a journey of holistic recovery and resilience.

The series featured survivor exhibitions, presentation of pottery pieces, poetry, dance, and storytelling. These creative expressions were a testament to the survivors’ strength and courage, offering a glimpse into their transformative journey.

In conclusion, “From Pain to Pottery: Empowering Survivors through Artful Stories” was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the human spirit and the triumph of hope over despair. It provided a nurturing and healing space for survivors to embrace their vulnerabilities, express.

NAPTIP Unplugged: 20 Years of Courage and Change

As part of activities for the momentous occasion of its 20th Anniversary, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) hosted a unique and unfiltered conversation with the public, titled “NAPTIP Unplugged – Your Questions, Our Insights.”

On the 25th of July, 2023, the Director General of NAPTIP, Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, engaged in an interactive dialogue with online participants. The event allowed the public to directly interact with NAPTIP’s leadership, gaining first-hand insights into the agency’s journey, challenges, and triumphs over the past two decades. Issues discussed by the Director General included: the milestones achieved in 20 years; current trends in human trafficking; japa syndrome; collaboration between NAPTIP, development partners and local stakeholders; relationship between NAPTIP and the judiciary; the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act; the National Action Plan on Human trafficking and the future projection for NAPTIP. The Director General ended by sharing her experience as Director General of NAPTIP for the past 22 months.

NAPTIP @20: A Celebration of Courage, Collaboration, and Commitment and Launch of New Policy Documents

The Federal Government of Nigeria stands proudly alongside its committed partners and stakeholders, hailing the transformation brought about by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). In a captivating Award Ceremony held to mark NAPTIP’s 20th Anniversary, individuals, corporate bodies, government agencies, and development partners were recognized for their unwavering support in the fight against human trafficking. The event was held at A-Class Event Centre Maitama and attended by 495 guests.

The theme of the event “A Shining Legacy: NAPTIP @ 20 – Celebrating Partners and Honoring Excellence” emphasized the event’s focus on recognizing and appreciating the collaborative efforts of various partners who have supported NAPTIP’s mission. It acknowledges the importance of collective action and highlights the significance of partnerships in achieving success. The event was organized to acknowledge outstanding contributions, achievements, and exceptional dedication demonstrated by individuals or organizations in the fight against human trafficking. It emphasizes the recognition of excellence and serves as an incentive for continued commitment to the cause.

The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, Dr. Nasir Sani-Gwarzo mni, NPOM ably represented by Mr Charles Anaelo, expressed profound admiration for NAPTIP’s accomplishments and congratulated the Management and personnel of the Agency for the great strides. He added that NAPTIP is the pride of Nigeria and that many countries now visit Nigeria regularly to understudy the NAPTIP Model with a view to establishing same in their countries.

He reiterated the commitment of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development, to combating all aspect of irregular migration which requires multi-stakeholders’ engagement in comprehensive and multidisciplinary manner that proactively focuses on how best to protect and assist vulnerable persons within the entire migration circle and punish the perpetrators.

The Director General of NAPTIP, in her warm welcome, extended gratitude to all guests noting that the celebration was not just for NAPTIP and Nigeria but for everyone invested in ensuring human trafficking is controlled and victims are secured across the world. She described NAPTIP’s journey as one of resilience and hope, fueled by collective spirit and collaboration. She further thanked partners and donors, recognizing their pivotal role in the week-long NAPTIP @20 Celebration and the 2023 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

The ceremony reached its zenith with the presentation of awards to 143 deserving organizations, countries, and individuals who have contributed immensely to the growth of NAPTIP.

Click here to see list and biographies of awardees.

Also, there was the unveiling of NAPTIP’s policy documents, including the NAPTIP Disability Inclusion Policy and the NAPTIP Service Charter. The transcription of some policy documents into braille for the visually impaired, and the creation of Audio-Visual Materials for the Deaf and Blind, in partnership with the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities. There was also a demonstration of the remodelled “Ireporter” App and the NAPTIP Learning Management System, supported by the Canadian Government.

The ceremony featured spoken words performance, choreographed dance, and exhibition of pottery by survivors.

Prayers of Hope: A Special Jumaat Gathering at the Central Mosque in Commemoration of NAPTIP @ 20

In a powerful display of faith and unity, on Friday, 28th July, 2023, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) organized a special Jumaat gathering at the Central Mosque. This event held profound significance as it not only marked the commemoration of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons but also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of NAPTIP.

The auspicious occasion also coincided with the Islamic New Year, marking the beginning of 1445 AH. The atmosphere was charged with spiritual energy, as the Murshid and the Muslim community congregated to observe this momentous event. Led by the NAPTIP Director of Legal and Prosecution, Mr. H. H Tahir, the NAPTIP Muslim Ummah came together to pray for the welfare of trafficking victims and to amplify the campaign against human trafficking.

Prior to the Jummat Prayer, a heartfelt talk (Nasiha) resonated through the mosque, serving as a reminder of the importance of combating human trafficking and standing in solidarity with its victims. The eloquent words ignited a collective passion within the hearts of the attendees, stirring a determination to bring an end to this abhorrent crime. As the call to prayer echoed through the halls, the significance of the gathering became even more profound.

During the Jummat service, an estimated 15,000 Muslim Faithful were sensitized on the ills of human trafficking. NAPTIP used the platform to raise awareness about the heinous nature of trafficking and its reporting channels.
Among the attendees were esteemed dignitaries, including the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, Dr Nasir Sani Gwarzo, mni, NPOM. Their presence underscored the significance of the event and demonstrated the government’s commitment to fighting human trafficking.

The Imam of the National Mosque, Dr. Muhammad Kabir Adam, led the Jummat Prayer, leading the congregation in powerful supplications for the victims of trafficking and the dedicated officers of NAPTIP who tirelessly fight against this social evil. With hearts connected to a higher purpose, the prayers transcended the walls of the mosque, spreading hope and healing to all those affected by trafficking.
The special Jummat gathering was a testament to the power of faith, compassion, and collective effort. It demonstrated that even in the face of immense challenges, when hearts and hands come together, the rays of hope shine brighter than ever.

Justice United: 20 Years of Kicking Traffickers to Jail: A Novelty Football Match with NAPTIP and Partners

On the vibrant morning of July 29, 2023, the Moshood Abiola Stadium in Abuja came alive with excitement and purpose as the Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, led a diverse group of stakeholders onto the training pitch. The occasion was nothing short of thrilling, as it marked the commemoration of NAPTIP’s 20th Anniversary and the 2023 World Day Against Human Trafficking through a spirited novelty match.

The event coincided with the monthly sporting activities of the Federation of Public Service Games (FEPSGA), and the Head of Service week led by the Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs. Folashade Yemi-Esan, with Federal Permanent Secretaries from various Ministries, Heads of Federal Parastatals, Development Partners, representatives from Civil Society Organizations, thousands of Civil Servants from several Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs).

According the one-hour exercise, Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance the nexus between sports and human trafficking and how traffickers deceive and traffick unsuspecting victims under the guise of sporting contracts and athletic opportunities. The Director General also sensitized the gathering on the Trafficking in Persons (Control of Activities of Organizations and Centres) Regulation 2019. A policy crucial in regulating the activities of travel agencies, tour operators, labour recruiters, educational institutions and sporting scouts.

The novelty match was played between NAPTIP and partners included the Deputy Country Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), Mr. Danilo Campisi; Team Lead of FIIAPP, Mr. Federico Millan; Project Manager of Expertise France, Mr. Benjamin Eneaya; Mr. Rueben Alba from the European Union Commission, Abuja; and Mr. Adeniyi Bakre, representing ICMPD, among others.

There was presentation of medals to all the players, and trophies by the Director-General in recognition their spirited participation in this noble cause. As the echoes of cheers and celebrations resonated throughout the stadium, the message of hope and unity reverberated across the country. As the players, stakeholders, and spectators dispersed, the spirit of solidarity continued to burn brightly, igniting a renewed sense of purpose in the fight against human trafficking.

Grateful Hearts: A Special Thanksgiving Service and Prayer for NAPTIP @20

Amidst the sacred walls of Our Lady of Queen Nigeria Procathedral Catholic Church, Area 3, Garki, Abuja, a powerful sense of unity and gratitude filled the air as NAPTIP marked its 20th Anniversary and the 2023 World Day Against Human Trafficking with a heartfelt Thanksgiving during the 10am Mass.

The Mass was officiated by His Grace, Most Rev (Dr.) Ignatius Kaigama, the Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Abuja, and the Team of NAPTIP officers was led by the esteemed Director General, Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi and attended by over 5000 worshippers

The event which was supported by the Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) brought together hearts dedicated to combatting the menace of human trafficking with a promise that the Catholic Church, through the JDPC, would continue join hands with NAPTIP for massive awareness, reducing vulnerability among the people.

Addressing the congregation during the homily, the Archbishop decried the plight of human trafficking worldwide and lauded NAPTIP’s achievements. He called upon all stakeholders to stand together, safeguarding the dignity of citizens against this heinous crime.

The Archbishop further emphasized the importance of wisdom, exemplified by King Solomon, and fervently prayed for divine wisdom to guide the Director General in steering NAPTIP’s mission with resolute determination.

The Director General was given an opportunity to address the congregation, in turn, she shed light on the evolving recruitment patterns and dynamics of human trafficking across the country and urged the congregation to be vigilant, acting as their brother’s keeper by reporting any suspected cases to NAPTIP.

During the Mass a poignant moment arrived when the congregation led by the Archbishop raised the symbolic “Red Card” against traffickers, affirming their commitment to stand against this injustice in unison. The highpoint of the Mass was the heartfelt congregational thanksgiving by NAPTIP’s Management and Officers, led by the Director General. Grateful hearts soared, acknowledging the progress made and the collective dedication to building a safer and more just society.

As the sacred Mass concluded, a renewed sense of purpose enveloped all, guided by the unwavering commitment to fight human trafficking, hand in hand with faith, wisdom, and unity. The Thanksgiving Mass was a powerful reminder of the strength that emanates from collaboration, inspiring NAPTIP to move forward with hope and determination in the pursuit of justice for all.

Marching Towards Hope: DG NAPTIP Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi Leads Officers and Partners on a Walk to Mark the 20th Anniversary of NAPTIP and the 2023 World Day Against Human Trafficking

The Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, took the lead in a symbolic walk on July 29, 2023, celebrating the agency’s 20th Anniversary and commemorating the 2023 World Day Against Human Trafficking.

The 5.8km walk which was themed “Footprints of Hope: A 20-Year Journey, began from the Old Parade Ground and made its way to the Unity Fountain in the Central Business District, was an inspiring demonstration of collective commitment towards eradicating the scourge of human trafficking. 646 people participated in the walk including officers from the Defense Security Service (DSS), Nigerian Police Force (NPF), Road Safety, Civil Defence, Civil Society Organizations, International and Development Partners, and representatives from the 23 State task Force across the country. As the walk progressed, participants actively interacted with pedestrians and passing vehicles, distributing Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials.

Amidst the jubilant celebration, a poignant parade stole the spotlight, featuring dedicated Members of the State Task Forces Against Human Trafficking hailing from 22 States across Nigeria. Commanders led the way, setting the tone for a spirited display of unity. Adding an artistic touch to the event, the NAPTIP drama club presented a compelling drama skit that portrayed the harsh realities of human trafficking.

Representing the United Nations (UN) at the event was the Deputy Country Representative of the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), Mr. Danilo Capisi, and other partners, Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, FIIAP, ICMPD, Expertise France, IOM

Revitalizing the Healing Spirit: NAPTIP Empowers Counselors with Trauma Healing Training

On July 11th, 2023, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) hosted a transformative one-day therapeutic training for its dedicated counselors. Aptly titled “Wounds of the Body and Wounds of the Heart: Trauma Healing for NAPTIP Counselors,” the training aimed to fortify the mental and emotional well-being of NAPTIP’s counseling workforce. The session was facilitated by Mrs. Owasanoye Olufunso, Executive Director of the Human Development Initiative (HDI).

Mrs. Olufunso is an experienced professional from HDI, well-versed in the intricacies of trauma healing. With her engaging approach and vast knowledge, she captivated the counselors’ attention, ensuring active participation and immersive learning. Employing participatory techniques, she fostered a collaborative atmosphere that encouraged counselors to share their insights and experiences freely.

The training covered an array of topics, unraveling the meaning of trauma and its diverse manifestations. Counselors delved into understanding different types of trauma and explored the intricate process of healing. Through these sessions, the counselors gained a comprehensive understanding of trauma’s impact and learned invaluable tools to support survivors effectively.

Practical demonstrations of meditation and therapeutic techniques formed an integral part of the training. As counselors engaged in these hands-on activities, they experienced first-hand the profound benefits of these healing practices. The workshops deepened their comprehension of trauma healing approaches and prepared them to employ these techniques with compassion and expertise.

Creating an environment of trust and empathy was at the core of the training. Heart-to-heart discussions were fervently encouraged, allowing counselors to candidly share their challenges, experiences, and emotions tied to their counseling work. This safe space nurtured a sense of camaraderie among the participants, unifying them in their commitment to support survivors on their path to healing.

Feedback gathered at the end of the training reflected the profound impact it had on the participating counselors. The training not only armed them with invaluable knowledge but also instilled a newfound sense of relief from stressors and a heightened sense of positivity towards their critical work.

As the training concluded, the counselors left with hearts brimming with renewed vigor and compassion. Equipped with effective tools and empowered by a shared mission, they now stand fortified to address trauma with empathy and support survivors with unwavering confidence. The training had indeed rekindled the healing spirit within NAPTIP’s counseling team, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to restoring hope and resilience to those affected by trafficking.

NAPTIP’S Rebranded Logo

Dear Valued Partners and Collaborators,

As part of our commitment to creating a society free from human trafficking and violence against persons, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) is thrilled to introduce its new logo! Embodying the spirit of our growth and transformation, this logo marks a significant stride in our continuous journey to amplify our presence and effectively convey our mission, while preserving the core essence of our previous logo.

The Logo shield signifies strength, resilience and determination to stamp out human trafficking and violence against persons. The shield is designed with the blue, white and blue colors. The Blue color is internationally recognized as the color for human trafficking prevention. Under the shield are hands which signifies arms of safety; projecting NAPTIP as a symbol of safety for all victims of human trafficking and all forms violence against persons.

Inside the Shield is the word NAPTIP written in red for identification and the scale of justice and the human safety key at the middle of the scale of justice underscores the importance of the enforcement and prosecutorial priority of the agency and as a major deterrent.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Coat of Arm signifies that NAPTIP is an agency of the Government of Nigeria. To the right side of the NAPTIP inscription which is written in red is a hand joined together with a broken chain which connotes freedom for victims and survivors. The new logo depicts key aspects of NAPTIP’s mandate as well as reiterating our commitment to end human trafficking and all forms of violence against persons.

To facilitate easy access, the new logo can be downloaded by scanning the barcode as provided below. Henceforth, this stands as the sole official logo, officially recognized, and we encourage you to embrace it for all projects and interactions involving NAPTIP.

Download the New Logo here

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