The Language Unit was created in August 2019 under the office of the Director-General.

Given the mandate of the Agency, the trend, dimension and spread of the crime of human trafficking and violent against women, girls, and persons with disabilities locally and internationally; it became necessary for NAPTIP to mold its operation to reflect the international nature of the crime of trafficking in persons in line with its 5Ps of Policy, Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership. To be able to deliver on its strategy, it is essential that the workforce is able to carry out its assigned responsibilities without let or hindrance. Given the importance of effective communication and global networking to this assignment, the role of language cannot be over-emphasized.

The Language Unit is thus entrusted with the following responsibilities;

  • Teach basic language skills to NAPTIP officers;
  • Translating and interpreting NAPTIP social media activities into Nigerian official local languages and Nigerian Sign Language
  • Provide translation services for staff members in the Monitoring & Investigation, International Cooperation, Prosecution Departments, Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Department and Units, as required;
  • Provide Nigerian Sign Language services as required;
  • Provide interpretation for staff members as required;
  • Provide interpretation from French into English, Nigerian Sign Language into English, English into Nigerian Sign Language, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin combinations during case team sessions, meetings, investigations and deliberations;
  • Provide interpretation in relevant language combination, (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, liaison) of speeches or statements;
  • Routinely assigned to sensitive meeting.

Contact Person

Mrs. Ebere Jane Mike-Ozah

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