*NAPTIP Jingle Message for 16 Days Activism Project*

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) is pleased to join the rest of the world to commemorate this years’  global annual 16 Days of activism against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). The Agency has planned a Campaign series with a variety of  ‘on-the-ground’, offline broadcast media and on-line social media activities across the 16 days, including a social media competition intended to: raise massive public awareness on indicators of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to NAPTIP, inform the public about the National Sexual Offenders Database  and the Sexual Assault Referral Centers (SARCs) across the country.

NAPTIP’s Campaign Series is tagged *WATCH OUT AND SPEAK OUT FOR JUSTICE!*  first, to compliment the UN global theme *Orange the World: END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN NOW* and also serve as a call to individuals, groups and entire communities to take a stand against everyday SGBV in Nigeria.

NAPTIP 2021 16days activism series will feature some of the following:

️ *Social Media Competition* – where people between the ages of 18-25 will be invited to submit a 90seconds video on SGBV and what Nigerians can do to end it. The competition will award 3 winners with gifts and cash prices.

️ *Media Campaign* – this will include Radio and TV segments that will be focused on public enlightenment about NAPTIP’s reporting channels including her toll free number 0800callNAPTIP, 627 short code, i-reporter and the  UNSUB App as a  wake up call to the whole of society to be a watchdog around neighbourhoods, take SGBV crime seriously and report them immediately.

️ *Mock Trial and Legal Clinic* – this activity which is a joint effort of NAPTIP, the Rule of Law and Anti Corruption Program (ROLAC),  the Federal Ministry of Justice and the FCT Judiciary to educate the public about the provisions and sanctions in the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (popularly referred to as the VAPP Act) and feature a week long free legal advice and trauma counselling to facilitate the justice and recovery process for survivors of  SGBV within the FCT.

️ *NAPTIP Sensitization Walk* – tagged “Walk United AgainstSGBV” during this  activity NAPTIP and her partners will have a nationwide Unity Walk to create massive awareness along different routes in different cities across Nigeria to drive the message for zero tolerance and zero impunity for SGBV offenders.

️ *School Campaign Against SGBV at Federal Government Girls College  Abaji* – This event is aimed at supporting the human trafficking and SGBV clubs in secondary schools through *age-appropriate peer to peer preventive education approach*. During which  NAPTIP’s only teenage Ambassador, Mariam Babatunde, will be recognised as a way to promote positive role model and encourage other teenagers to join forces in activism against SGBV.

➡️ *A Novelty Football Match Against SGBV* tagged  “Kick Offenders to Prison” will be held  aimed at sensitising the public ahead of the World Cup on the danger of SGBV and trafficking in persons through sports.

️ *Launch of the Pioneer Edition of the Annual VAPP Report* – this event will bring together members of  the High Level Multi-Agency Taskforce (Hi-MAT) to a round table to reflect on the success so far following the enactment of the VAPP Act 2015, followed by the presentation of the Implementation Report of the VAPP Act.

️ *Survivors Co-Mentoring Workshop* – tagged Survive and Strive Together  this event will feature  survivors advocate mentoring other survivors  aimed at building resilience, hope and recovery where  survivors undergoing rehabilitation in the NAPTIP shelters across the country  meet with like minds who have made it through the process. The general public is invited to make donations to our shelters through NAPTIP Offices.

️ * NAPTIP Drama Club* – will also feature skits on SGBV to entertain and empower target audiences on the ground and online with true life experiences of SGBV dramatized. It will also further publicize the existence of Sexual Offenders Register aimed at naming and shaming perpetrators of rape and other sexual offences. These  skits will be shared on all NAPTIP social media handles and hopes to achieve wide coverage. Support NAPTIP in changing attitudes and likely bad behaviours in the society by following her on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/naptipnigeria and Instagram @officialnaptipnigeria

NAPTIP 16 Days Activism Project is built upon the theory of change that IF everyone is aware that SGBV is evil, a crime against humanity and the state, and there is stringent punishment, naming and shaming  awaiting the offenders, AND, students of school age know the red flags/indicators and are empowered to form a  peer to peer resistance alliance and support system, AND the media groups are activated to spread the word, AND all victims are aware of various reporting channels to access justice, AND, all stakeholders/SGBV respondents work hand-in-hand  together THEN, the prevalence of SGBV will reduce, all the activities from the 16 Days activism series  will result in massive awareness, change of attitude, increased reporting, increased rescue and ultimately increased prosecution and convictions

This  16 Days Activism Series will be flagged off by the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Hajia, Sadia Umar Farouq and the Director General NAPTIP, Dr. Fatima, Waziri-Azi. The events is also proudly supported by  ROLAC, FORD Foundation,  Office of the Vice President, the CANs and JRI.

For more information and partnership, kindly visit our website at www.naptip.gov.ng, or send us an email at info@naptip.gov.ng

This message is brought to you from the Office of the Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)

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