The operations department was created on the 2nd of June 2021, by the Governing Board of the Agency. It was created out of the former Investigation and monitoring Department.

Functions/ Duties:

The functions and duties of the operations department include the following:

  1. Carrying-out effective measures for prevention and eradication of trafficking in persons offences through disruptive operations such as:
    • Surveillance
    • Patrol and unscheduled checks of suspected facilities/dark spots, etc.
    • Raids
  2. The recruitment and sustenance of informants for the purpose of intelligence gathering.
  3. Carrying out operational duties such as arrest and searches.
  4. Seeing to the security and protocol procedures of the Agency through an effective safety, access control and perimeter management system.
  5. Establishing and maintaining a system for monitoring trans-border activities relating to trafficking in persons in order to identify suspicious movements and persons involved.
  6. Collaborating with other Law Enforcement Agencies especially in the planning and coordination of joint operations relating to human trafficking.
  7. Tracking and seizure the of assets of suspect traffickers.
  8. Any other operational duty assigned by the Director General.


The department is made up of the following units:-

  1. Surveillance Unit
  2. Border patrol / travel control Unit
  3. Joint Operations Unit
  4. Special Response Team
  5. Security/ Protocol Unit
  6. General Operations / Administration unit

The department is headed by, an experienced and seasoned administrator who has lead several Zonal and Regional Commands in the Agency.

Contact Person
Name: Daniel Atokolo
Phone Number: 080954098327
Email: atokolo.daniel@naptip.gov.ng

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