Procurement Unit of the Agency was set up pursuant to the Procurement Act of 2007 which gave birth to the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP). The Unit is under the Office of the Director – General and is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating, harmonizing and perfecting all the procurement processes of goods, works and services in the Agency in accordance with the extant provisions of the Bureau of Public Procurement.

In procurement process, the management of the sustainable acquisition of goods, works and services to optimize the value for money through professional, transparent and auditable framework is the main rule which the Agency strife to maintain and uphold at all time.

The Procurement Act of 2007 emphasizes the various procurement methods as follows:-

  • Open Competitive Bidding process
  • National Competitive Bidding which has different stages namely:-
  • Two stage bidding – technical and financial bidding processes
  • Restricted bidding
  • Selective bidding for small contracts
  • Single source procurement which has to do with direct contracting
  • Emergency procurement, etc.

It should be noted that NAPTIP aligns itself meticulously with the stipulated guidelines in the Procurement Act as the use of bid methods are subject to available monetary thresholds as provided for by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).

Thus, contractors wishing to do business with the Agency are welcomed but are required to meet up with the stipulated requirements as may be disclosed by the Procurement Office on request.

NAPTIP is empowered to serve you better in every area of its operations.

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