The unit was established after careful observation of the need for discipline in the Agency and as it is generally in para-military and law enforcement Agencies. The Provost is in charge of impartation of discipline to senior and junior commission and non-commission officers. The provost is the para-military police of the agency and he is in charge of laws and order.


  1. Enforcement of discipline
  2. Criminal investigation
  3. Access control
  4. High Risk Personnel or VIP Protection
  5. Biometric identification
  6. Adherent of staff to the rules of engagement of the Agency
  7. Ensuring that staff maintain a high level of discipline both at work and in their relationship with outsiders
  8. Ensure that the code of conduct of the Agency is properly articulated and observed by the officers and men of the Agency.
  9. Parade and Drills
  10. Enforcement of dress code and ensuring strict adherence.
  11. Inspection and maintenance of sanitation activities in the Agency.
  12. Effect disciplinary measures on any misconduct fairly, consistently and in line with laid down procedures.
  13. Coordinates the Director General’s Parade

Michael Atu Ekabatiem

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