Special Duties Unit is a product of well-thought-out reforms to accommodate and co-ordinate the constantly expanding duties and responsibilities of the Office of Director General of the Agency. The expanded tasks and responsibilities are the outcome of visible impact of the Agency in all ramifications in the fight Against Human Trafficking in every nook and cranny of the country and world over.

Consequent to the increased vibrancy of the Agency at the local and international scene, the duties and responsibilities of the office of

Director General become complex, and expanded. Thus, there is the need to create Special Duties Unit to assist the Director General in the effective and efficient administration of the day-to day activities of the Director General office.


  1. Assisting the Director-General to formulate and articulate his leadership Agenda.
  2. Assisting in Managing the Director-General’s Schedule to ensure that his activities follow espoused priorities.
  3. Coordination of the Director-General’s response to emergencies
  4. Execution of special projects as may be assigned by the Director-General
  5. Serves as liaison of the Agency to other Agencies and National Assembly on Strategic Partnership, Security matters, and inter-agency cooperation;
  6. Monitors the implementation of special programs, projects and policy matters by conducting impact assessment on various programs as directed by the Director General.
  7. Explores, Survey and identify critical Stakeholders for Partnership.

The Unit is headed by a Director and assisted by other trusted and respected officers of different carder specially selected to formulate, articulate and implement policies and leadership Agency of the chief executive of the Agency.

Contact Person:
Name: Susan Ewung
Phone No: 07051200838

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